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Sell your gold, silver, coin sets, & more to Coins Unlimited

Sell Your Gold, Silver, Coins, Banknotes, Silverware, & More

Coins Unlimited prides its reputation for paying the best prices for gold & silver content coins, collectible & rare date Canadian & US coins, gold, silver, & platinum bullion, fine silverware & dinnerware, estate collections, collectible date banknotes, and more.


Paying Cash Daily For These Items:

Receive payment in cash for the following precious metal & collectible items in our buy list. Government-issued ID is required for all transactions.



Gold & Silver Content Coins

Sell your gold & silver content coins to Coins Unlimited

• Canadian circulation coins from 1967 & prior
• United States circulation coins from 1964 & prior
• Various world circulation coins with documented silver content
• Various world coins with documented gold content
• Rarities including low mintage dates, errors, professionally graded, etc.


Precious Metal Bullion Coins & Bars

Sell your silver-content coins to Coins Unlimited

• Various troy-weighted fine gold bullion coins & bars
• Various troy-weighted fine silver bullion coins & bars
• Various troy-weighted fine platinum bullion coins & bars


Royal Canadian Mint Sets & Singles

Sell your Mint-issued coin sets & singles to Coins Unlimited

• All proof, specimen, & uncirculated/proof-like sets
• All Proof, BU, & Specimen dollars
• All special gift, commemmorative, & celebration releases




Rare Date Banknotes, Paper Money

Sell your old, rare Canadian, United States banknotes, paper money

• Old & rare date banknotes from Canada & United States
• 1954 & prior Canadian Series
• Provincial & Canadian Bank Releases
• Various collectibe date shinplasters
• Various print errors, X-notes, & radar Serialized Banknotes
• Various collectible US & World Banknotes




Gold, Silver Jewellery

Sell your broken, unwanted gold, silver jewellery

• A wide range of gold & silver necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings, pendants, charms
• Various gold & silver designed pocket, wrist watches
• Dental gold fillings




Silver Flatware & Utensils

Sell your silver flatware, dinnerware sets to Coins Unlimited

• Silverware including forks, spoons, knives
• Tea kettles & sets
• Serving trays




Do I Need An Appointment To Sell To Coins Unlimited?

No. We welcome walk-ins any time during normal business hours. Our professional buyers are ready to assist in evaluating and purchasing your items. If you have a sizeable collection or require an appraisal for estate or insurance purposes, please give us a call at 905-788-0376 or email us to schedule an appropriate time.


Does Coins Unlimited Evaluate Estate or Private Collections?

Yes. Tell us about your collection.